Working with Peter Parpan in his studio

Posted on Apr 20, 2014

I recently helped my pal, Peter Parpan, paint some faux-vintage stuff for Luella’s BBQ.  Our buddy Nick helped on the project, too, and it was a blast working with those guys.

Peter designed everything and did a great job reinventing some vintage graphics.  I came along with my trusty brushes and slapped paint around, which Peter would then come along with a random tool and make a big scratch across it.  What a guy. . .

The whole project turned out very nicely.  I didn’t take many photos because it was Friday, late night, work for the most part and we were having way too much fun to worry about documentation.  When Peter adds the project to his website, I’ll post some final pictures.

I look forward to working with Peter and Nick again!

Check out Peter’s work. . .it’s awesome!

Nick’s work is also awesome, but he’s tricky to find. . .

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